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I am so proud of you! We lasted for a really long time, but it just never felt right. It happens kind of on accident, actually. Ugh I should've known!

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Older stuff, some mistake. And if you could pass this around to spread the word, that would be wonderful. Reblogged 4 Min ex kjæreste er dating min bror ago from wicked-dreamer.

Rachel og santana dating fanfiction author would like to thank you for your continued support. Here she was about to carry a child for her two best friends, something that would change their lives forever and hers. Reblogged 5 years ago from prettylittlepoutymouth. Fanfiction home Den irske times dating nettsiden Ishipzalldathings! Coming Home by Astano  AU: Santana comes from a long line of assassins and her father is growing her and her brother Puck to be assassins too but the young assassin isn't sure if this is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Silly Little Love Songs by writting is love reviews Everyone always wondered Rachel og santana dating fanfiction Santana Lopez hung around Quinn Fabray, they knew the Latina dispised Quinn, but yet there she was hanging around.

So shut up and stop breaking character. Leave Out The Rest by Jen reviews A night of disaster at one of Puck's famous parties leaves Rachel confused, Santana pissed, Quinn scared and Puck more turned on than he thought was possible. What happened in Vegas seven years ago did not stay in Vegas. Dana is the kinkiest. Submit Fic Recs here! Long Forgotten Memories by agroxneko reviews After Rachel's fathers die she's sent to the orphanage Rachel og santana dating fanfiction meets Santana.

The Glee club gets the chance to raise money over the summer. A- Sue and Will: Not when Rachel enters her second phase and inadvertently comes out to the glee club. Reblogged 4 years ago from thecrackshiplollipop.

Family's been a pain though. I will try to update! My blog All of Tumblr. I'm in glee club. But, as it turns out, that's only the tip of the iceberg When Santana's cousin Rachel og santana dating fanfiction points out how perfect Rachel would be for her she thinks she's crazy.

Will she have to give up on love or get out of the game before it even starts? The first time Rachel slid onto the couch next to Santana, pressing close to her side and accepting the settling arm on her shoulders, Santana almost started crying.

Cherry Chapstick by DAgron01 reviews Written for riverkirby. Just Knock First by tumblruserpailylove Fandoms: It happens kind of on accident, actually.

Again, Completed only and by no means comprehensive. Pezberry Week Themes and pick up to seven answers. All You Need  faberritana Fandom: I hugged her really tight, it feels like Rachel og santana dating fanfiction haven't seen her all summer.

I don't know if this counts as inappropriate, but it's what I came up with! I'm free fallin' all in you. Pezberry week day 6; Angst- Santana and Rachel met and fell in love at a very prestige boarding school. Damnit, Rachel, I love you by kiarcheo reviews 5 times Santana didn't say I love you to Rachel out loud and the one time she did.

Erica   61 pages   7 months ago. I mean, you looked good earlier too Add to library 16 Discussion 2 Browse more Humor Romance. Please check the rating before reading. I don't like all of these guys checking you out.

How will they survive? My grandfather has just passed away, and I found out that my uncle does drugs. Jenna Nakamoto is the captain of the cheerios, she seems to have no friends nor interest in gaining any.

Exactly as it sounds. Here let me help I have fanfic here for all ages, but a lot of Rachel og santana dating fanfiction will be for adults. Still uploading old Fics Here is a list of things I posted, please enjoy them! Santana is not a total failure in the romance department and manages to make reservations for the same restaurant they had dinner at, too.

The diva Rachel og santana dating fanfiction her lip to stop her smirk. Santana is alone, angry and heartbroken. Santana is afraid if she goes along everyone will figure out she's gay. But Rachel's family would never approve. Your eyes do not deceive you! What could go wrong?

How is Santana adjusting to the fame? That idea, and her world, is turned on its head when she crosses paths with her new roommate, Santana Lopez. Everyone thinks she has Rachel og santana dating fanfiction all, so they would never guess what is really going on. They have been hired to perform at Cleveland's annual pride festival. Remember, the dates for Pezberry Week are  May 12th  -  May 18th. Oh Lord, I saw this coming. Random Pezberry Thoughts of the Day by purrpickle Fandoms: React First, Listen Later by tumblruserpailylove Fandoms: Steven Universe, Pearl Rating: I've always hated her.

Due to Rachel and Santana's deepening relationship, Santana has found herself inflicted with the strangest of verbal Rachel og santana dating fanfiction . My family is very fortunate, which is why I must be on the top of all my studies. Rachel Berry-Stark had an ego the size of a whale. Sometimes Santana gets Rachel really confused. And then things start to come together. You asked, you shall receive.

Originally posted by blogdestiellove1. Santana grinned and pulled Rachel out of the school. The couple that judges together, stays together. Blaine and Kurt are with they're Bygge en online dating site, Santana, Rachel and Sam, trying to survive an apocalypse.

Story Author   Sort dating hendelser i london Is it everything Rachel ever dreamed of? You and Me We Could Be Made for This by pensieri  A crush is all well and good, but finding yourself falling for your friend is a whole different matter.

Fanfiction home of Ishipzalldathings! I have fanfic here for all ages, but a lot of it will be for adults. [GKM Request] Santana and Brittany enjoy puppy play. Brittany goes into her puppy persona of Brett. A twist, Brett is the dominate one and makes Santana his bitch. Summary: [GKM Request] Rachel is dating Fabray triplets for a while. Rachel tries looking at Finn but avoids not to. Finn tries to look at Rachel but he looks down, feeling guilty for what he has done, so Finn looks at Santana and smiles Mercedes looks at Sam and smiles. YOU ARE READING. Those Warblers (Glee Fanfic) Fanfiction. Leighanne Parker. Popular, smart, and pretty. Everyone thinks she has it all, so they would never guess what is really going on.

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